Corporate innovation and research

We offer a range of programmes that help big organisations build better products faster using research, lean startup, design thinking and new ways of working.


Advisory and Research services

We have traveled the world to learn from the world's best companies and thought leaders. We help answer common questions such as "How should we structure innovation?", "How to manage expectations?" and "Who do we involve?". 

  • Market and industry research
  • Structuring innovation
  • Helping design innovation reporting
  • Selecting innovation tools and frameworks
  • Creating culture of experimentation
  • Setting up project funding

Half day executive training

Training with the executive team on how to adopt and apply the lean startup and design thinking methodology. Participants will learn about key principles and how they impact the project team and broader organisation.

  • Helping to align executives
  • Compliance
  • Selecting innovation tools and frameworks
  • Creating a culture of experimentation
  • Setting up project funding

Two day lean design team training

Introduces teams to lean startup and design thinking principles and helps participants understand and apply the methodologies. The experiential based training includes hands-on activities based on real customer engagements and actual project work.

  • Customer development
  • Assumption testing
  • Rapid experimentation
  • Building and testing a minimum viable product

Lean design sprints

A process using cross-functional teams to solve key problems and escape institutional bureaucracy. Teams are given a problem within the business and using expert interviews and rapid prototyping, create innovative solutions.

Organisations we have worked with continue to get spectacular results from these, often getting months of work done in days with tangible direct outputs.

"We did seven months of work in a week"

- Head of payments, CIB